Top 5 Best Half-Face (1/2) Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2017

The half-face motorcycle helmet is somewhat of a combination between the aforementioned models. Although the helmet will protect the head and cover the eyes, it will not protect the chin or lower portion of the face. When wearing a half-face helmet, you’ll receive a little more protection than you would with the open-face helmet, while also being able to shield your eyes from insects and rain. You’ll also be able to touch your face more easily than you would with a full-face model. The half-face helmet is recommended for riders, who don’t like the full enclosure of the full-face model, but do not want to wear glasses or goggles.

1. Bell Rogue Half-Face Helmet

Bell Rogue Half-Face Helmet Reviews

The Bell Rogue Helmet is a very stylish half-face helmet that won’t break the bank. The style options are limits, but the helmet’s simplistic design will be sure to satisfy most riders. The helmet is very lightweight and the composite shell will provide a substantial amount of protection. The high-tech muzzle ensures the rider is able to acquire maximum comfort.

The helmet is equipped with FidLock magnetic connectors, which make it incredibly easy to put on or remove the muzzle. The helmet is DOT Certified and comes with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.


    • Has received DOT certification
    • Protected by a 5-year warranty
    • Equipped with convenient pockets for speakers
    • Interior is removable and washable
    • Adjustable muzzle ensures maximum comfort
    • Very lightweight


    • Helmet runs a little bit small

Overall Assessment: Overall, the Bell Rogue Helmet is the best half-face helmet on the market. It is lightweight, very comfortable, and will protect your head thoroughly. Just remember that the helmet tends to run a little small, so you may want to choose a size too big. Nonetheless, the pros outweigh the cons and this helps to make the Bell Rogue an excellent investment for all.

2. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Shell Half-Face Helmet

HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Shell Half-Face Helmet Review

The HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Helmet is moderately affordable and available in various colors. The style of the helmet is very sleek and it’ll definitely satisfy the majority of riders. The helmet is equipped with an integrated smoked sun shield, which can be deployed quickly and easily. Also, the inner liner is removable and can be washed. The helmet’s Nylon strap d-ring retention system will be sure to keep the helmet secured firmly on your head throughout the duration of your ride.


    • Plenty of color choices
    • Interior liner is removable and washable
    • Smoked sun shield can be deployed easily
    • Helmet has been approved by the DOT
    • Delivers a superior fit
    • Very lightweight


    • Not great for high speeds
    • Chin strap is slightly short

Overall Assessment: The HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Helmet is great for many individuals. The helmet has more color options than many of the alternative above and the price is moderate. If you want a reliable half-face helmet, which will also protect your eyes, you’ll definitely want to consider investing in his helmet.

3. Bell Pit Boss Half-Face Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Half-Face Helmet Review

If you’re looking for an excellent half-face helmet that won’t break the bank, you should look no further than the Bell Pit Boss. The helmet is available in several different colors, so all riders will be able to find a color that suits their desires. The shell is made from the highest quality Kevlar and carbon fiberglass, so you can guarantee it’ll provide you with a sufficient amount of protection. The helmet’s innovative Speed Dial feature helps to ensure optimum fit, so the helmet doesn’t lift off of your head.

The helmet is also equipped with speaker pockets, so you can listen to your favorite tunes, while cruising down the highway. And of course, the helmet is DOT certified. At just 16 pounds, you can rest assured knowing the helmet will remain comfortable and won’t put a lot of strain on your neck.


    • DOT Certified
    • Weighs just 16 pounds
    • Has speaker pockets
    • Protected by a 5-year warranty
    • Removable neck curtain
    • Internal sun shade keeps the sun out of the rider’s eyes


    • Offers less protection than the Bell Rogue
    • Matte finish doesn’t hold up very well

Overall Assessment: Truly, the Bell Pit Boss Helmet will prove to be an excellent investment for the mass majority of riders. It is very comfortable, yet provides supreme protection. Nonetheless, the Bell Rogue is better in this particular category.

4. Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Half Helmet

Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Half Helmet

The Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Half Helmet is without a doubt one of the most affordable helmets on the market. It is suitable for almost everyone and is DOT certified, so it’ll still provide a sufficient amount of protection. The lightweight shell is truly unparalleled and the design of the helmet is the lowest profile allowed by the Department of Transportation. The helmet features a thermoplastic shell, which is capable of taking a great deal of damage, without breaking or becoming ineffective.The helmet is equipped with a screw on visor, which helps to keep the sun out of the rider’s eye throughout the duration of their ride.


    • DOT Certified
    • Very low profile
    • Incredibly lightweight
    • Sun visor ensures your vision is never hindered
    • Available in two different styles
    • Incredibly affordable


    • Limited style options
    • Less protective than the two aforementioned models

Overall Assessment: When it comes down to it, the Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Series Half Helmet is only idealistic for those that don’t want a helmet in the first place. It is very comfortable and incredibly lightweight, but only provides a minimum amount of protection. Nonetheless, its low cost will be sure to attract a lot of riders.

5. Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap Half-Face Helmet

Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap Half-Face Helmet

Those looking for the smallest ½ shell helmet money can buy will definitely want to check out the Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap. This helmet is small than almost all others, but it still managed to meet and exceed all DOT safety requirements. The helmet features a Y-strap with a sliding adjuster, so you’ll be able to achieve the precise snugness that is desired and will never have to worry about the helmet flying off of your head.

The helmet’s interior features moisture wicking fabric, so your head will remain cool and comfortable throughout the ride.


    • Very low profile
    • Moisture wicking fabric ensures additional comfort
    • Nylon Y-strap guarantees a snug fit
    • DOT certified
    • Very lightweight


  • Straps are little too close to the neck

Overall Assessment! The Daytona Helmets is slightly costlier than the Full Helmets model above, but the two are very similar. Nonetheless, many people will like the helmet’s low profile. The helmet is DOT certified, comfortable, and very lightweight. If these are characteristics that you consider are vital, you should definitely consider making the purchase.